Best Prices on Laptops Under $200


best-price-guaranteeCompanies such as Lenovo and Acer offer some of the prices on laptops under $200 for consumers. Acer offers different types of laptops that are priced below the $200 range and they include models such as the Chromebook which costs $199.99 and the Travel Mate that is priced at $149.99.

Dell offers consumers their Latitude model which is priced at $173.99 and Apple has a few laptop units which are priced at around $165.00. Apple’s iBook is sold at this price. HP EliteBook is priced at $189 and Gateway has units priced at round 173.99. Lenovo’s Thinkpad is inexpensive and consumers can expect to pay about $199 for this particular model.

Consumers can also purchase laptops from relatively unknown companies such as Averatec which offers the Atom for $161. The Toshiba Satellite laptop is a popular model that is priced at $179 and it’s a refurbished unit. The Compaq Presario can be purchased by consumers for about $150 and the Fujitsu LifeBook is available for $187. Hewlett CPackard has a variety of laptops that people can purchase for around $179.

Most of the laptop models that are priced under $200 are usually refurbished units that are not loaded up with the latest specs and hardware. Many less known companies price their laptops within this range in order to attract more consumers. Most of these units have at least a 2 GHz processor, 512 RAM and at least a 40 GB HD. The units typically have an 11-inch to 15-inch monitor. Some laptop units that priced below $200 have detachable keyboards and can be converted into a tablet with a touchscreen.

The major brands such as Apple and Microsoft do not offer their tablet products at these prices. Consumers can even have laptops with good specs and power custom built for under $200. Keep in mind that they won’t compare to the latest machines but they will be effective enough for running programs, surfing the web and for entertainment purposes. These are the best prices for laptops under $200.

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