School Laptops Under $200


school-laptopsKeeping up to date with technology these days can be quite tiring. As the world moves into a more digital, internet-based world, schools are becoming less about the pen and paper, moving towards word processors and web apps to help students learn. It makes sense, then, for a student to have their own personal laptop to do their homework and research essays on. But is it possible to locate back to school laptops under $200?

The Good News

Fortunately, the reason why a lot of computers these days are expensive is because they’re built around being an entertainment center. They need the top-of-the-range graphics cards for the latest games, wide screens to display Blu-Ray films at their best, and gigantic memory storages to hold all the video and music files. For a laptop bought for the purpose of study, however, you do not need these features of a laptop to get the most out of one. Because of this, it becomes substantially easier to locate back to school laptops under $200.

An Example

Looking for a laptop right now? One good option that you can choose is theIron Gray 11.6″ C710-2856 Chromebook, made by Acer. It comes with a Intel Celeron 847 processor,2 Gigabytes of RAM, and sports the new Google Chrome operating system. Its small size allows it to be very portable, and its fast boot-up time due to its16GB Solid State Drive means that it can get up and running at the drop of a hat. The best part, however, is the price; it is currently selling for the very affordable price of $199, and can be found in most good computing stores.

Reuse the Old

If that’s not up to your standards, however, you can purchase a student-worthy laptop for cheap by browsing markets that deal in second-hand hardware. Everyone has heard horror stories of purchasing used goods on the internet, but there is one way to help avoid being let down by a second hand purchase. If you look for a laptop that has been ‘refurbished’, it means that it has been repaired and fixed up to be just as good as a new laptop. Quality will vary between distributor, so make sure to do research to ensure the seller does a good job on refurbishing laptops. A simple search on Newegg brought up aDell Latitude D620 — with 2 Gigabytes of RAM, 80 Gigabytes of space, and running Windows 7 Professional — for $179. If you need a laptop on the cheap and don’t mind the fact it’s not new, going for refurbished laptops is definitely a viable choice.

As computers become more integral in our daily lives and study, so too have the options to buy laptops for cheap. Hopefully, now you will see that it is not impossible to get a laptop ready for school for under a $200 budget.

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